Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleepy Tizzy is so cute.

I live!
Did everybody miss me?
Vacation was phenomenal and I did not deliver in Galveston, therefore, my weekend was amazing. I took plenty of pictures and, impressively, a good deal of video. I got a bit of a tan and Stephan has rid himself of his farmer's tan, so thank you, sun. Thank you for coloring us.
But seriously, God gave us a great gift in this last minute family vacation. Never again will a family outing for the Du Toit's be just me and my husband. Soon, so very soon, we will have a third. I am excited about the prospect, but a little saddened as well. It's so very surreal that I almost can't believe it. But at the same time, our vacations from now on will actually be "family" vacations, and not a couple's get away. AWE!
Now, I must return to normal life. Well, normal life for about three or four weeks. Maybe. I pray for God to strengthen me every morning. I feel like I'm about to undertake some incredible task, or maybe start on an intensely life-altering journey, and I know for sure I cannot do this on my own.
When I pray to God, I also thank Him for that husband he gave me. He's a good one. Why, just this morning as I slept in to recover from the long drive home, Stephan got up earlier than necessary to go get me milk and Life cereal before he had to leave for work. (!) Love has rosy cheeks, squinty blue eyes, and an impish, crooked smile. :)
Well, I have a shower to take. I am looking forward to getting pretty, as I have not been able to do so for five days. Or maybe I'll just get back in bed and sleep some more. Choices, choices...

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