Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WOO, tired!

Yes, I repeated a title. so sue me, I'm still tired.
I have a little blue pillow tucked behind the small of my back. I rise up to walk around every half hour or so. I woke up with puffy feet and hands. But there is good news, friends; I'm pregnant!
Yup, It's all for a good and worthy cause, and I try my hardest to relish every achy moment these last few weeks of my very first pregnancy.
Today, after work, Stephan and I are heading out for our last vacation before the big arrival! Right now, my poor husband is contending with a 3-foot snake that has taken up residence under the hood of his his hot dog truck. He says that he found the monstrous creatures' shed skin several months ago under the pedals of said vehicle, which means that he's been driving the thing around with a snake in his engine. (Stephan really doesn't like snakes) Last I spoke to him, he was attempting to exercise the varmint with a pitchfork. For some reason, I feel pity for the snake. I don't know why. Poor snake.
Anyways, Vacation! The beach! the sun, the waves, the seagulls, family, fun, food and a plethora of rest for yours truly! Yesterday, my doctor advised me to go forth with care, but go forth nonetheless, so I'm goin! With an estimated <10% chance of Noah hittin' the scene in the next week, I think I can take riding 4 or so hours in a car at 8 months pregnant. Again, I plan to be sleeping. However, Ashton's going to be with us, and Erin says that he gets cranky after riding too long in the car. . . . ear plugs! I need to get ear plugs.
I must be getting back to work. There's stuff to e-mail and pictures to upload for the mom. (tough work, but somebody's got to do it.)

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