Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take THAT, the Man!

being 36 weeks pregnant+doctor's appointment on the morrow= no jury duty! utilize your baby bellies, pregnant friends!!

Back in the saddle at work. I have decided that I don't like clothes anymore. Loose dresses are the closest to being comfortable when it comes to articles of clothing. If I could, I would spurn the social norm that is modesty and be skins to the wind! Yet then I would be uncomfortable in an entirely different manner. Oh, conundrum! 'Tis truly a rock and a hard place I am wedged between.
On a lighter and happier note, next week is makeover week on my favorite show, The Biggest Loser!
But enough about those guys, more about me. Noah moves all the time. I love it! I wish I had a machine that allowed me to see inside me so that I could watch what he's doing. He had the hiccups again last night, so I stayed up with him until they passed. At the same time, his daddy, Stephan, was making weird mouth-smacking noises in his sleep. Those two. . . I love them both.
Friends, I have a goal! A post-baby-body goal. And that goal is this: abs! I have aimed for lofty body/weight goals in the past, and my associate and fellow boot camp class attendee, Aubrey, can testify my dedication to attaining those goals (or trying my hardest to attain said goals), but never before have I set my sights so high as to wish for visible muscle definition. I know that this undertaking will call for dietary discipline as well as exercise, a weakness of mine for all my life, but I'm ready to try it. It's not fair that my husband is such an Adonis and I am squishy. So I will change it! I can see it now: power stroller-ing through the park with Noah, veggies included in my meals, P90X to finish of my days, yep, that sounds totally do-able. AUBREY MOVE HOME I NEED YOU!!!
Hey neat, it's already almost 2! I'm going back to work.

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