Friday, April 9, 2010

Early Morning Mess

Yeah, that's right, I typed "mess", not Mass. It's one of those mornings that comes after my husband could not go to sleep the night before, so he stayed up later to watch tv and eat food. Now my V8's gone. :'(
All is well. I still love him and There's a back up V8 in the fridge.
Today, friends, After cleaning my home, I get to go with my mother and fellow pregnant lady, Crisi, to the CCC, a consignment sale at Harvey Hall for Mothers, babies, and infants alike. Crisi went by yesterday and said it looked pretty well picked through, so I hope I haven't missed out entirely.
Doctor's appointment went very well yesterday. Noah was mischievous and played hide and seek with the heart monitor thingie. She had a pretty hard time getting a good positioning on his heartbeat, as he kept moving. He's measuring perfectly well and I weigh more than I ever have in my life. (It IS temporary, friends, I assure you that!)
Now, I am going to go about my daily rituals; cleaning, feeding animals, chillin' with the dogs and readin' the Bible around 11:00, and then tonight we have fellowship night! hurrah!

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