Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This goes out to all the cool people

Happy Tuesday, world.
I am 34 weeks pregnant. How 'bout that! This crazy ride is nearing it's completion, and that is beyond mind-boggling to me. The fact that I will soon hold a baby that is part me and part the love of my life is awesome and amazing. Will he be adorably cute? Will there be any complications? Will he take after me or Stephan? And most pressing and nerve-wrecking of all; will he come to know the redemptive love and saving grace of Jesus Christ in his life? I pray towards that end every day.
So, April 13th, what exciting tidings do you herald, besides the nearing birth of my son? Oh, I know! In a month from now, I gets to see best friend Aubrey again!! HURRAY AND HURRAH!! We're both going to be pretty stinkin' big and baby-fat. (play on Ebonics!) Oh, the numerous pictures I plan to take when those two get here!
I have an appointment or planned event on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. My weekend looks pretty busy, but I plan on sleeping a lot, so I should be okay.
If you're reading this, will you do me a favor and please let me know. Sometimes I feel like I'm typing for my own cathartic reasons and nothing else... so lonely.
(Kevin Skinner, update your blog!)

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  1. Yeah it is mostly for yourself, but I did actually read it and I told Aubrey the highlights. Oh and I guess I will update my blog.