Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Our first trip to the pumpkin patch!!
As you can imagine, this holiday season is super exciting for me, and probably for all other first time mommies, due to the fact that this year, we get to celebrate as families instead of couples. Therefore, I plan on taking way too many pictures of every event. First up: Halloween! Yesterday, (Friday) Stephan, Noah and I, Along with our friends, the Robersons, went to Pappy's pumpkin patch, or something along those lines, to select a pumpkin. We soon realized that this quaint, family-run business did not accept debit card, so we did not search for our pumpkin but instead, we searched for photo-ops!

 At first, Noah wasn't to sure about posing with large gourds.

 But we got some sweet smiles out of Boogie-boy in no time.

 Noah seemed to kind of enjoy posing.

 And he LOVED the bright orange pumpkins!

 We even found a kid that looked just like Noah! It's creepy, isn't it? Those two could be twins.

 Ugh, momma still has some slimming down to do, but our family looks so cute and had too much fun!

Madilyn Jane did some picture-posing as well. (In pictures following this one, Noah notices Madi and her bow and reaches for them. In response, Madi tries to suck on Noah's hand. adorable pictures.)

Needless to say, it was a successful trip, for I now have frame-able pictures of Noah's first fall experience. Also, one of those awesome, had-to-be-God type experiences happened to us as we were leaving. While exiting the little farm house, I asked Stephan on a whim what the word for pumpkin is in Afrikaans. He replied "pumpuun." We then proceed to our car where we load up the now sleeping baby and his stroller. As Stephan was finishing buckling Noah in, an older gentleman in a cowboy hat approaches Stephan and asks him if he said "pumpuun". Warily, Stephan replies affirmatively. The man then proceeds to greet Stephan warmly and happily in fluent Afrikaans. He and his wife were from South Africa and live in Lindale. They had heard our little conversation outside the barn and had to see if a fellow Afrikaaner was truly nearby. NEAT!
  Happy Fall, friends! God is good!   

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