Monday, October 25, 2010

centinial! yay me!

100 posts since January of this year. Should I be proud or ashamed of my possible lack of doing other, more prudent activities than writing about my life on the computer? I'll go with the feeling of accomplishment. :D
Another milestone is drawing ever nearer, friends. Today, my loving husband

weighed my baby on the bathroom scale. My sweet child, who came to us at 6 lbs and 7 oz, weighed in at 18lbs, 2oz!! Noah almost weighs 20 pounds! Yes, I know that this is good news, as it means that he is thriving and I am doing a good job as a mother (thanks be to God), but at the same time, I almost want to rewind the calender, if only for a day, so that I can again hold my tiny, newborn baby and wonder at how small he is. Then again, I wouldn't change these past five months. Nor would I wish my child to be any different. Aside from my hope in Jesus and my love for Stephan, Noah is my joy in life. 

And then, while I'm all glum and bummed about how big Boogie-boy is getting, I look at him in comparison to his father, and, just as I did that second day in the hospital, as Noah slept in his father's arms, I say, "oh baby, you have some growing up to do."

He's still my little Choochie-face. Oh Lord, my Lord, how you have blessed me! Thank You!


  1. I love how you are posting pictures! Yay! Johnsonette was moving as I read this...she already loves her sweet friend Noah!

  2. Just now reading the pic of the cute shoes!