Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am so sorry!

I just realized that I haven't updated since Thursday. Sorry, faithful few!

Noah, my big 'ole boogie-boy, is trying really hard to pull the squeaky triangle hanging from his play gym to his mouth. The little nut. Nope, now it's panda's turn. He likes chewing on poor panda's foot. Noah gulped down a jar of bananas and then had some of the usual for lunch today. I couldn't ladle the food into his mouth fast enough for him, he was munching so fast. And now the panda foot... my that kid is hungry.

We had a fantastic family nap today. Church was fun, then we went to lunch with my bro and sis at Pasados, (I'm still trying to get the taste of garlic out of my mouth), after which time we came home to change into our comfiest of comfies and nap for two hours. After nap time was the whole bananas thing, then all three of us went out back to play with the dogs (something we sadly hardly ever do), and now, since the weather is SOOOOO beautiful, Stephan fixed the screen door so that we can have the back door open without letting the hordes of mosquitoes in and yet still enjoy the delicious temperatures. Currently, I am updating, Noah is eating the panda, and Stephan cant sit still for too long, so he's working with power tools on something involving the columns out front.

Friends, all my friends had girls. This is a fact that I celebrate often, 'cause all babies are blessings and girls are so cute! Yet a small, tiny part of me worries for Noah's lack of little guy buds. Then I remembered that people can have more than one child and that there are, indeed, other boy babies out there. So I shall relax and continue to enjoy Noah's current status of "playa" due to his singularity as a baby dude amongst a tide of sweet little babyettes.

woo hoo!! The skinners are on skype!

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