Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And I say to myself, what a wonderful world

I'm starting to go the K-skinner way. Sorry, peeps, I've just been distracted as of late, hence the lack of constant updating. But, apparently, I'm the only one I know who updates their blog every other day or so. COME ON, PEOPLE! stay-at-home mommies need reading material!Help a sister out, will you? (I'm not just talking about you, Skinner, Ashley Johnson is working the 'dramatic pause' like crazy as well.)


It's Wednesday, Noah's napping and I'm lacing up the old sneakers for half an hour or so of boring, redundant work-out video. I wish I had a neighbor who had a child close to Noah's age who was also in the process of loosing baby fat/weight who would want to go on long, energetic walks with me. ho-hum... 
Since it is Wednesday, I don't have any plans in the books, but tomorrow is Bunco night. (I do enjoy bunco night).

Well, I've postponed it long enough. Here I  come, stupid, annoying, good-for-nothing workout dvd, do your worst.

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