Thursday, October 21, 2010

workin' out

Noah's pulling down the vibrating moose, only to let it vibrate it's way back up to the play gym, at which time Noah tugs it right back down and repeats. He's workin' on his tri's and bi's. And he looks so nonchalant about it.
We got a bike trailer to tow Noah around in whilst we bike. I'm super excited about trying it out, which we will do when we find a helmet that will fit a 5-month old. My uncle and aunt, from whom we borrowed the bike trailer, also let us borrow their old toddler helmet. As adorably small as it is, it's not quite small enough. we might have to wait a while to take Noah biking.

We got to play with Madi and Lucy today. Some more cute pictures were taken, of course. Next week, our group will be expanded by three and a half! Aubrey and Lydia will be in town, so they get to join us (yay!) and Ashley Johnson and baby Johnson will be there as well!
Now, I must cook dinner. enjoy your evenings, friends!

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