Friday, June 29, 2012

This takes me back

Once upon a time, A young mother took far too many pictures of her first born son interacting with his infant playmates. From the time he was too little to do more than lay still, she would load her camera with picture after picture of her precious baby.
(Noah's the bald one on the right)
  Well, that little baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew until he was 2 years old. Meanwhile, the mother brought forth a second son. This second child, while just as precious and photogenic as his older brother, was photographed far less. The mother was just too busy and forgetful to capture his precious moments on camera.
  Then, one summer's morning, after a busy and fun time of play for both sons and their friends, the mother saw her baby boy sitting across from a sweet little girl, playing and smiling. Not wanting to miss a moment that looked like so many pictures taken of her first son, the mother grabbed up her camera and snapped a few pictures.

   Babies just don't get much cuter than that. 
As a side note, Witten be sittin'. Almost 6 months old, two teeth, eating solids like a champ, rolling over, starting to push up on his hands and knees, and sitting. Did you know that time can fly like a friggin' bird?

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