Friday, June 8, 2012

Newbors! Newborns Everywhere!

Yesterday and the day before were good days.
They were your everyday, average days that turned into super special birthdays! Wednesday welcomed the arrival of so, super, stinking cute Caleb David Roberson.
Look at him! All awake and lookin' around!
 Crisi gave birth to a little mini-Crisi, except a boy. In my humble opinion, he is one of the cutest little cuties I have ever seen. I got to meet him yesterday. He was a healthy baby at 7lbs and 2oz, yet when I held him, I was astonished at how little he seemed! For five months I've believed Witten to be so small and little, and then I looked at him sitting in his side of the stroller next to big brother Noah as I held that sweet little newborn and I realized that Witten has actually gotten really big! It almost made me want another one. But not really. Nope. I'll wait a few years. Good thing I know so many women who are pregnant. I'll just get my newborn fix from them. (They're pretty much perfectly spaced out, too. It's like every three months or so there will be a new newborn!)
   Then, as I was driving home from visiting one sweet new family of four, I get a text from my friend Reannine that informs me of her little one's imminent arrival. Then at 8:00 last night, I got this text:
Yes, this brave woman did indeed have him at home
   That snugly little squishy face is Ethan Briton Teer. He was the ridiculously round belly in my previous post. I have yet to meet him, but I can only assume he's just as sweet and loveable as every other newborn I've held. I think he looks a lot like his older sister, Clair.
  Seeing these precious new babies made me praise God for my own healthy little ones and all the healthy little ones that bless the homes of my friends. It also made me get really excited for the next pregger set to pop! And then the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that! I personally know five currently pregnant ladies. So, yes, newborns everywhere! Praise God!

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