Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend update

Dallas was fun. Noah got to bowl for the first time.
Tiny bowling shirt- totally appropriate
Noah loved it. He wasn't very good at it, but he gave it his all and that's all that matters. Soon after this picture, Noah fell forward out of his seat and bounced his forehead off the wood floors, causing an immediate goose egg to form over his right eye. Poor baby.
  Later that day, as Erin, Paul, Stephan and I were trying to think up things that a foreign visitor has to try/do while in America, but more importantly, Texas, we discovered that Mark the Kiwi* has never eaten a s'more! We decided that since we couldn't take him to float the Guadalupe or watch a Dallas Cowboy's game or see the Alamo, we at least had to make him a s'more. Or make him make a s'more. Tragically, the oppressive heat/humidity and plague-like mosquitoes outside forced us to improvise. Thusly, you have a New Zealander making his first s'more over a non-scented candle:
He's wearing a Ranger's shirt 'cause we did manage to take him to a Ranger's game. Rangers won! He can go back to New Zealand now.
 Witten and especially Noah loved hanging out with their cousins. Noah tried to mimic Ashton's every move it seemed.
Stupid camera phone takes tiny pictures. That's Noah and Ashton posing with awesome swords.
  Witten was only happy if he was sitting up so as to watch the action. He even got in on the play with a little frightening weaponry of his own:
Do I feel Lucky? Well do ya, punk?
    We were sad to go home yet happy to be back.
Yesterday, Noah, Witten and I went to visit Miss Angie and best bud Grayson. We all got slathered up with sun block and partook in one of summer's most cherished events: pool time! This was especially exciting because it was Witten's first time in a pool. He stinking loved it! When he wasn't completely relaxed in his little floaty, he was leaning forward and kicking his little feeties! Of course, the horrible parent that I am, I forgot my camera and had to take pictures with my phone which, as I stated above, often takes irritatingly small pictures that get all pixilated and fuzzy if I try to blow them up any. I did manage to get one cute picture to be normal.
Super fuzzy and it looks like Noah has buck teeth yet still a cute picture!
Hangin' out after the pool.
  And finally, This morning I borrowed Crisi's living room floor to change a few diapers while on my way from meeting Ashley and Lauren at McDonald's to Walmart. Little cutie Caleb was hanging out on the floor under his playmat, so I decided that then was a good time for Witten to meet is newest best friend. Readers, do y'all remember how I have mentioned before how little I think Witten is until I see a new born baby? I can now give you a sound example of why that is so:
 I know, right? Huge! It was like seeing Noah as a baby for a few minutes, and I almost cried. I tell you what, new and soon-to-be mothers, babies do NOT keep! They grow far too fast. Soak in every moment; the good, the bad, the smelly, the happy. And keep a blog or journal of some sort. I am so glad that I started this blog two and a half years ago!
  Be blessed, dear readers!

(*I use the term "kiwi" in a kindly, endearing manner and in no way do I mean to insult those of New Zealand nationality. That's what South Africans call New Zealanders. Something about rugby...)

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