Tuesday, June 5, 2012

glag glag glag glag!

That's what Noah would have named this post.
  cute pictures!
 Aunt Melly came to play! She even went to the zoo with us. I think she had a grand 'ole time strolling through the grounds and helping me herd Noah. She even lent me her strong, young back when the baby bjorn was starting to hurt mine, as you can see below:
 Someday she is going to be a fantastic wife to some super lucky guy and a wonderful mother to a plethora of brown-haired, green-eyed babies. (Ours can't match. If Melissa and I can't look at all alike then none of our offspring shall look alike!)
   And to end, a picture of Witten gently stroking the face of my sweet and very pregnant friend Reannine. He was encouraging her. He was willing her to be strong and take comfort, for her own precious baby boy will make his debut and then she will no longer be so pregnant.
And no, she is not arching her back or sticking out her belly. She actually is that great with child. A small part of me envies her for getting to carry her baby that long and reach that late stage in pregnancy. The larger part of me that clearly remembers how inescapably uncomfortable being very pregnant is scoffs at that small part of me with the rose colored glasses on and brings me back to reality. I look forward to being pregnant again, but not any time within the next two years.

    I'm off to help Noah fix his piece of tape. The kids has a room full of toys and he likes to play with a piece of tape. Kids...

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