Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have decided that the news is depressing.

I will not, at this moment, dive into my true and honest feelings about the news and how they reflect on the current and apparently sad condition this world is in, because then this would be a long post and then I would be in a really glum mood. So instead,

I wish I had super powers.
If I can't be a Disney princess, I would at least like to have some sort of super-human ability. Flight would be awesome but I'd also take super strength. Or telepathy. Or telekinesis. Or pretty much any power that I could use to do neat stuff. I may not fight bad guys (too scary), but I sure would get more stuff done around the house. Probably.
 Noah's having another no-nap kind of day. Every once in a while, Mr. Silly-britches decides that naps aren't necessary and spends nap time having deep conversations or "The Voice" style sing-offs with his assortment of stuffed animals. I only complain because this means that tonight he will be a grouch and we have exciting plans in store for him tonight. Daddy and I are taking Noah to the movies! We're going to go see Madagascar 3!
   Noah loved the first two Madagascar movies, so we thought he'd really enjoy seeing "Lion and Zebra" on the big screen. (That's what he calls Madagascar.) That reminds me. I need to look up movie times. Oh yah, and I should send out that e-mail. Stop distracting me, blog! I have work to do!

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