Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturdays are for sleeping in!

At least, I remember a time when that was true. I got a lot less done back then. I guess it's an acceptable trade off: more day time to get stuff done for more sleep-time to, I dunno, sleep.
  Just in case, dear reader, you and I aren't fast friends on facebook, I wanted to share two Witten-related things with you that happened here recently. I'm always chatting on and on about Noah and then tagging on something about Witten so ya'll won't forget I have two kids, so it feels right to share the spotlight a bit more today.
  First sweet, adorable story of the morning: I was pulled from a deep, restful sleep (*sigh*) the other night by the sound of Witten's squeaky laugh. Witten's laugh is adorably funny. He can't laugh very well, actually. Instead of exhaling air with the traditional "he-he" or "ha-ha" sounds, Witten sucks in air with an almost painful sounding "eeeeehh!" The huge smile that accompanies his silly laugh lets me know that he's happy and not hurting. Anyways, I listened to him laugh for a little bit (until I was coherent enough to walk without stumbling in to walls), and then I went to investigate the source of this hilarity. When I came upon Witten, He was holding his noise-making stuffed giraffe and laughing in it's face. This went on for a while. Eventually he went back to sleep and I did too. Fin.
   Now for Witten story number two: Witten tried out the Johnny-jump-up for the first time yesterday. It was the happiest I have ever seen that baby. Don't believe me? I'll show you!
That's Witten mid-belly-laugh
   He laughed the whole time he was in there. I only took him out because I had to change his diaper. Noah got a kick out of it to. He thought it was a great new game called "spin the baby". That particular game didn't last long. But I will close out this blog with a video of that fun new event.
  Let it be noted: in this video, I do indeed call Witten "Wyatt" on accident (that happens a lot) and the hacking cough in the background is Noah since February. Otherwise, I'd say it's an adorable video.
  Be blessed this weekend, readers!

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