Saturday, June 16, 2012

mmhhh, Coffee

I'm in Dallas.
The whole of the Du Toit family is hanging out with the other Du Toit family. Paul is working and we decided that we shouldn't partake in any fun activities until Paul could partake with us. Poor Paul never gets to do anything fun with us. Therefore, we shall wait. We're thinking we'll hit up the Fort worth zoo. We have a New Zealander with us who's about to head back to not-America, so we need to show him something cool and memorable about the good 'ole U.S. of A. We need to get him a cowboy hat or something. Something that he can take home to show the other New Zealand peoples that just screams 'MERICA!
  For now, we sit in the home of Paul and Erin and watch a show called "Duck Dynasty". It's one of those "reality" shows that displays the intricacies of the life of a very redneck family. Whereas these kind of shows usually drive me crazy because they seem so forced and fake and more often than not they make Americans look pretty stupid to the rest of the world, I'm really enjoying it. Not that "Duck Dynasty" showcases the finer side of American culture. Anyways.
  Witten's sleeping. We're relaxing. It's a good weekend.

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