Monday, May 2, 2011

dirt, doodle bugs, and other words that start with the letter "d"

I have always wanted my boy to be a boy. I want him to love the outdoors, wrestling, animals, and getting dirty. So far, I can confidently check off three of those four. Noah loves being outside, he loves wrestling with me or his daddy or Beer the Bear, and he loves him some "kiiii!" and "da". (That's Noah-ese for kitty and dog).
    That being said, it gave me great happiness when Stephan told me he wished to dig up a circle around a tree in our front yard in order to plant a decorative garden.
    "Yeah, we can go as a family to pick out flowers to plant there," Says he. "and Noah can play in the dirt!"
We didn't go pick out flowers yesterday, but Stephan did start to diggin' and I dressed Noah in a dingy onsie and plopped him right in the midst of the dirtiest of the dirt. This was his response:
"Hey neat! This dirt stuff is fun!"

"I can kick my feet in it and put it on my action figure!"
"What do you think about dirt, action figure? "
And then he had enough and ran away.

 I'll check this off as a win.

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