Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am not the destroyer of worlds!

SEE?? Photographic evidence that I, Colette M Du Toit, can grow something! For so long, I thought that I was incapable of nurturing anything flora and making it thrive. But today, when I checked my little bucket of flower seeds that Noah gave me via the church nursery workers for mother's day, I saw that little, tiny, delicate growth and I knew, I missed my calling to grow crops. It's perfectly alright, though. I really enjoy my current life as a stay at home mother, but knowing that I can bring life forth from dry earth and that I don't have to leave all gardening and tending of plants (indoor plants, that is) to Stephan makes me happy.
    The Skinners love to drive. Apparently, whereas I was meant to be a farmer, they were supposed to me nomads? They drove back into Tyler this weekend to see me and Stephan and Noah. They sure do love us!
I couldn't get a good shot of them both riding the zebra, so this has to suffice.
 Lydia, like Noah and all their baby friends, is getting so big! She's all chatty and has hair and is chasing boys already! I tried to get a video of  Lydia chasing Noah as they both giggled and talked to each other, but by the time I found my camera, Noah had grown tired of the game and called it quits.

Ain't she precious?
 Only 4 more months until the Skinners can cease their pointless charade of being not-Texan and return to the state that loves them most-est.
  There's  a mess in my kitchen that needs sweeping.

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