Monday, May 16, 2011


Noah is an athlete!
The breast stroke. Or, more likely, the hiney stroke.
Watch out, Michael Phelps. This kid's going to blow you out of the water. (swim pun, I'm hilarious)
Forgive the baby nudity, but it's one of the cutest things on earth, so I had to include it.

Other adorable images from this past week and weekend:
Crisi got her finger stitched by Master P.A., Kevin Skinner.

Babies ran rampant

And Miss Lydia was in town! awwww, Wydia! so cuuu!
Besides that, Noah's cutting another tooth and therefore, a touch grouchy. I'm trying my best to be patient with him, as I know it's probably very unpleasant, but his whining and grousing is trying, so I'm praying a lot.
Another prayer request, friends; Noah's 12 month check up is today, so he's going to get some shots. Poor Noah, htis day is a bummer for him.
     Peace and Love, friends!

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