Saturday, May 21, 2011


I, my delightful, dedicated readers, am making my favorite meal in the world tonight: lasagna.
I'm so excited about eating lasagna tonight. I love lasagna and all that it represents; good tastes, family, togetherness, and the never ending love of Christ. What's that you ask? How on earth does lasagna represent family and the love of Christ? Let me explain:
 Lasagna represents good tastes: this one's easy. Lasagna tastes good. No matter what food-mood I'm in, I will always be okay with eating home-made lasagna. Whether it is straight from the oven or a week old, lasagna is delicious.
 Lasagna represents family: this is a fact for me personally because my mother makes the best lasagna in the world. Sorry, friends who think otherwise, you're probably wrong. Barbara J Florey very well may be mixing crack into her ricotta cheese, it's that good. Therefore, whenever I think of lasagna, I think of eating my mother's amazing lasagna around the dinner table with all the family there.
 Lasagna represents togetherness: Pretty much the same as above. No one can resist lasagna, so if you say "Hey, friends, ya'll should come over for dinner tonight. I'm serving lasagna!" There's going to be people around your table that night.
 Lasagna represents the love of Christ: As I stated in an above point, lasagna is always good, and lasts forever. One large dish of home-made lasagna can feed my household for at least a week. And it's never the 'oh no, not that again, I'm so tired of that stuff-type of leftovers, but the kind of leftovers that are anticipated ever night and mourned over when finished off. It is the same with the love of  Jesus. I relish it and soak it up, loving every moment as it nourishes me and keeps me going. And it lasts forever. (Really forever, not seemingly forever, as with lasagna.)
    And that is how lasagna represents those good things.

Noah looks like his daddy.
Milk mustaches!!
Yeah, I thought I'd lure in a few of you with a cute picture and surprise you with a plethora of reading material. *ha-ha* But seriously, aren't' they so cute? I never have to wonder where Noah got his looks from. It's a smidge obvious.
Now, friends, may your weekends be glorious, as Christ is glorious! I'm gonna go check on my lasagna.

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