Monday, May 9, 2011


Oupa gave Noah a slice of pizza. He ate the whole thing.

We have been a family for one year!

Noah looks more scared than excited.


the icing was his favorite part.

He got a few presents.

Noah winded down by swinging with his cousin Julia.

It was a very sweet and happy occasion! I love my family!
   As you might be able to guess from the pictures, Noah's birthday has come and gone. He is officially a year old. I did not cry, but it was very surreal to think that the child I gave birth to seemingly yesterday has been my pride and joy for over a year now. I still pray and hope that I'm doing right by him. I continue to beg God to empower me so that I can be the best mother for Noah that I can be. And then there's daddy. Stephan has been the best father a baby boy could ask for! He loves his son so deeply.
           I could insert an awesome analogy of God's love for us in comparison to our love for Noah here, but I have to go work out, so I'll toss this out quickly: I have a better appreciation of God since becoming a mother. I can imagine how much He loves me by thinking about how much I love my son. I love Noah unconditionally. He sometimes makes me frustrated, and I know in the future, that big, teenage boy will make me so mad I could spit, but I know for sure that I will love him no matter what. And that is how God loves those who are His children, according to His own Word.
     Anyways, Noah's birthday was lots of work to prepare and lots of fun to enjoy, and Now I get to clean up the aftermath. Besides the party featured in the pictures above, we also threw Noah a part for him and his baby friends. That one was also lots of fun and super cute! Pictures to follow of that fun event.
     Now, as previously stated, I must go get healthier. Lord, please give me strength!

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  1. A few things:
    1. Noah looks way too long & big in that first picture!
    2. I love his chubby little face in the second pic.
    3. Julia is precious - haven't seen a pic of her.
    4. I don't want our babies to be one yet! :)