Thursday, May 12, 2011

So this is love, hmm-hm-hmm-hm, so this is love

Have I told ya'll about how much I love my husband or how handsome I think He is?
Fresh out of high school, my plans were in line, 
be a pine cove counselor was hot on my mind.
An interview later, that plan soon fell through,  
And I realized that college was all I could do.
So college and school work was filling my days.
I shuffled through life in a boring, dull haze.
This wasn't the plan I had dreamed all my life.
Where was my husband, why wasn't I a wife??
One day, my mother with a look quite scary
said, "I have met the man you're going to marry!"
"ha", thought I, "like mother knows best."
Then I met this marriageable man, and you might know the rest.
At first meeting, I gasped (in my head, not out loud)
Before me was a man that made my heart start to pound.
Manly hands, handsome face, and kind eyes, bluest-blue,
I knew straight away he was too good to be true.
And yet, he pursued me, I'm not quite sure why.
Young, immature, and portly, why give me a try?
But three dates passed quickly and by then I knew,
                                          I loved this man deeply, and he loved me, too.
Come Christmas, he proposed, and of course, I said yes.
We then booked our church and I found the right dress.
I smiled as we held hands, and smiled through "I do's"
He smiled when he kissed me and said "I love you".
Three moves, four animals, and three years later
I scared him half to death shouting praises to my maker.
At 6 in morning as he rushed to my side,
I showed him good news and I beamed with pride.
Now friends, another year has come and has passed.
Four happy years of marriage have been quite a blast!
Second only to my Savior, my heart to him I give
                                     I'm so glad my plan failed, 'cause it's God's will I live.
Happy anniversary to my handsome husband whom I love so very, very much!
I love you, Stephan Du Toit

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  1. Wow, that's really good! Has Stephan read it?