Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you EEE-ver seen a puppy, a puppy, a puppy...

I had one of those, "whoa, what just happened" moments today.
As of late, I've been a bit hormonal, and with good reason. Today, not along ago, actually, I was pushing Noah in his swing outside when Roxy realized we were outside and, of course, she ran straight to me and wouldn't give me two inches to move around. Usually, I will pet and scratch her until I grow weary, at which point I will shoo her away, forcibly if I have too. Today, as I was petting her, I very suddenly grew indescribably irate. I even curled my fist to strike her on her dumb head! I didn't, don't worry. I calmed down as quickly as I got irritated and felt very weird about the situation. It has happened before, these dramatic swings of mood. I rarely act on them, and I always feel sheepish afterward.  Noah and I quickly went inside to avoid any further doggie frustrations. 
   This weekend was super fun. The skinners were in town, so I got to see Aubrey and Lydia and ol' what's-his-face. We all went to the Luhrs and there realized that the numbers in our loving, close-knit Sunday school group are multiplying astonishingly fast! There were 6 babies, ages 4 months to 1 year, 2 toddlers, and 3 young children. Or something like that, I don't care to think too hard on it right now. Point being; there are babies everywhere! And more to come! You can't walk through our church right now and not see a pregnant lady. So much fun!
      Now, friend, I have a special assignment to complete, so I will be boot-scooting along to do just that. You all must enjoy this day. Otherwise, you are spoiled. Shame on you for being spoiled! 

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