Friday, April 29, 2011

Let it be, let it be-e!

Elton John or the Beatles? I'm drawing a blank as to who sang that song...

Anyways, I have some sad news, friends: I'm not sad. Yesterday, I went with Noah onto the deck and instantly noticed an ugly brown scar in the midst of beautiful, green grass. The dogs had dug. I called Stephan and he rained down wrath and punishment on our dogs. It didn't help the dogs' case that we soon noticed two other small dig sites.
   When Stephan first laid down that pallet of grass, after all that hard work and money was spent on improving our back yard, he looked at me and said, "If those dogs dig even once, they're out of here." and I knew he was being very serious. At the time when the threat was made, and even now as we start the task of finding a new place for two large, messy, stubborn, outdoor dogs, I was and am not sad. I feel guilty. -ish. I feel like I should be sad. After all, Stephan had Toby for years before I came into the picture, and Roxy was a gift from my beloved. And they're not bad dogs! They are both affectionate and sweet tempered and very patient around our son. (Noah likes to poke eyes and grab hand-fulls of dog-lips. ICK!) Sure, Roxy is weird in that she will sometimes forget who Stephan and I are for a moment and bark at us like we're a threat, but she's never bitten or even charged anyone. In fact, I think her defensive nature around some strangers is a good thing. That's what guard dogs are for, right?
      Roxys' aggressive-esque tendencies are going to make it hard to find her a home. I have no doubt that once she gets to know the person or family that is willing to take her, she would be as loving and attention-seeking as she is with me. It's the getting people over her possibly frightening first impression that is the problem. Toby won't be an issue at all. People "ooh" and "aww" over that dog any time we take him any where. He's super sweet and looks so mopey all the time that people can't help but wanna tousle his floppy ears and snuggle his head.
     As we face getting rid of our dogs, (and possibly putting Roxy down), I feel no heart break or sadness of any kind. It's very much like when I had to get rid of Tizzy the cat. I enjoyed that cat very much, but her presence was becoming a blight and a burden on my family, so I knew that I had to get rid of her. It's more an acceptance of a fact than an emotional splitting up of a family. Does that make me a bad person?

     In conclusion, friends, if anyone out there wants to take in a Great Pyrenees or Great Pyrenees/lab mix, or maybe knows someone who would like one or both of said dogs, please let me know! They would do best with a person, couple or family that has plenty of space for them to roam around and can give them plenty of attention. Of course, they would be for free, but only to a good home.

      Have a blessed day, readers!


  1. I don't think that makes you a bad person, mainly because I feel the same way about my dogs. I am so looking forward to next Friday when we take them to the Skinner's (possibly to stay forever,but shhh, they don't know that). So therefore, if I thought you were a bad person for not feeling sad then that would make me a bad person too. :)

  2. And we don't have any pets at all for that very reason, so ladies, you know that I don't think that you are bad! Ya'lls intentions are good, so don't feel guilty!