Thursday, December 16, 2010

If they make a movie about my life, I want Peter Jackson to direct it

I had a bagel for breakfast. I don't necessarily enjoy bagels, but the other options were waffles or oatmeal, and I wasn't in the mood. (which is weird, 'cause I love waffles

Noah's feeling a bit better, I think. His nose is still drippy and he is still a bit fussier than usual, but it's less horrible than it was. One thing I'm thoroughly enjoying about his bout with disease is his new found need to be snuggled. My son is a bit of an independent baby, so when out of no where he starts trying his hardest to crawl into my lap anytime I'm on the floor with him, or raising his arms for me to pick him up anytime he sees me, my heart swelled with affection and I was more than happy to comply.
Stephan's been away far longer than I like. I am so blessed and glad that God has given me a man that loves me and our baby and wants to do everything in his power to take care of us. I'm sooooooooooooooooo-OOH glad that I am not a single parent, 'cause the thought of what it would have been like facing these past 7 months on my own is depressing. I'm ready to cuddle, though, so come home now, Liefie.

Speaking of cuddling, the bed calls for me. I plan on enjoying a power nap this morning. So deuces, peeps!

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