Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby mine, don't you cry

Last night was a toughie. Poor, poor Noah's nose is pretending to be an athlete, 'cause it is running like crazy. It came out of nowhere last night and he woke up coughing and snorting because he couldn't breathe in his sleep. We were staying the night with my parents, since daddy is away on work, so I didn't have my handy stash of nose-suckers available to me. Between 9 and 10:30, Noah woke up as previously described three or four times. Each time, I hurried into his room to pick him up and walk him around, because that was the only method I had of helping the mucus to drain. Around 10:30, I remembered what a nurse had told me when I was panicking about Noah's last cold. She had suggested alternating between standing in the bathroom with the shower running hot water and standing in front of the freezer to let Noah breathe the cold air. That seemed to work a bit. By this time, however, my heart was hurting for my poor little snuffle-face, and I couldn't just lay him back in his crib to relive the horrible experience of not being able to breathe again. So I tucked him into bed with me, making sure he was propped up enough to let the snot drain instead of pool in the back of his throat. I let him sleep like that with me for about an hour, but soon I was very tired. I finally did rest him in his crib, this time putting his little crib-pillow to use for the first time,  and Noah slept as well as I could imagine a baby can with a heinous cold.
     God does all things for a reason. While I can only guess at what His purposes are for all the occasions, trials, highs and lows in life, I can rest assured knowing that not one of them takes place without God knowing and approving of them first. He is so soundly in control. I'm glad that I can rest my hope in Him. Without Him, I'd be a wreck. With Him, I can live happily with a peace that baffles worldly wisdom. I pray that peace for all of you, friends and family. Especially at Christmas and especially for those of you who really need it right now.
         Well, time for me and Noah to wrestle. Later, gators!  

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