Thursday, December 23, 2010


That right there, that's the Christmas spirit. Apparently, it buzzes

Sorry for the delay, my friends, but as you all are probably very aware of, it is Christmas, and people get busy and hurried this time 'o year. So, in the twisted, misplaced world's idea of the spirit of Christmas, I shall cram as much joy and festivity in  as brief a post as possible.

I have completed all Christmas shopping. (With two days to spare, I sure do hope you are amazed!) Unlike last year, our Christmas tree is surrounded with a healthy variety of presents of all shapes and sizes. And yet, we have actually spent, I'm guesstimating, less than $200 on presents. (yay Lowe's credit!) Today, Melissa is coming over to wrap presents con migo. We had awesome sister time shopping at Wally-world.

Noah has made me more than happy. Cranky Mr. whiney-pants went down for a nap, kicking and screaming, at 10. I said to myself, "Self, if that baby stays asleep for an hour, I'd be content. And hour and a half, I'd be happy. More than that, I'd be so stinkin' happy!!" It has been an hour and some change, so Mommy happy. I usually don't worry too much about his sleeping habits, but as of late, Noah has been super weird about sleeping.
Noah, the orange-nosed baby (baby) had a very orange-y nose!
Stephan if in the garage making a biltong box for his father. In South Africa, those boxes were used to make jerky. I can't help but reckon this to a sweet, simple time when the parents' favorite gifts were the ones their children made by hand. (i.e., noodle necklaces, turkey-hand prints, and other arts and crafts.) I really think that this biltong box will be Sias' favorite, simply because his son made it for him.
Now, to get back to life. I shall try to update as soon after Christmas as possible. I'll probably have sooo many pictures of Noah enjoying his first Christmas!

           And now, because it is too cute, another picture of Noah, similar to above, but so very different in demeanor:
ehh, wise guy, eh?

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