Wednesday, August 4, 2010

walmart and fleas

Walmart and fleas are on my mind right now. Walmart is because they screwed up a photo order to the cost of $8.54, and fleas are because I have a rational fear of flea infestation, which I think has happened to my house. Stephan doubts, but I defy him to deny those little pests' existence when I show him my newest unexplainable, itchy, indoor bug bite!
As I previously mentioned, I sent off a rather sizable order of pictures to be printed at Walmart. When I opened them, I found, much to my displeasure, that half of my memories were smudged, fuzzy, and blurred beyond recognition. Needless to say, I marched right back to Walmart and demanded my refund! (In a sweet, wheedling way that makes me not so mean) Now, I need to pick out those pictures that I did not get successfully printed up and send them to some other photo-printing place. Poo.
Noah flipped over yesterday!!!! I only kind of helped. Well, I help him a good deal, but he got himself going. All I had to do was help him complete his spectacular feat of strength, bravery and cuteness. When I called Stephan to tell him the exciting news, he mistook my "super-excited" voice for my "something is terribly wrong" voice and nearly had a heart attack. I need to work on my phone voices.
Now, Noah is sleeping contently. I vacuumed, dusted and swept, but I still have to do dishes. (The stinkin' dishwasher is still broken, so I STILL have to wash them all by hand, which makes doing the dishes all the more a tiring chore.) ((That rhymed!)) Stephan just came in from work, so I'm going to love on him.
As a final note of interest, my Grandma just gave me a book on how to earn a 6-figure income by blogging. I'm going to be rich!!!! Seriously, that would be AWESOME.

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