Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's Thursday, which means it's play day!
Once a week, a small groups of new mommies gathers with their liddle-biddies for a playdate. At this point, most of the infants involved are not quite advanced enough, developmentally, for there to be actual playing. Instead, they lay on their backs, or sometimes their tummies, or even sit a little, and stare and things and make cute noises. So, basically, playdates are pretty much for the sake of us mommies. It's good to be able to swap stories, compare notes, and ask Sheryl when Lucy started doing stuff. (Lucy's the oldest baby there. A whopping 6 months!)
I would stay on to type longer, but Noah's talking in his crib, so I'm gonna go get him instead of forcing him to try and take a nap. lata, gator.

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