Wednesday, August 18, 2010

morning chories

Get it? Like morning glories, except it's chories?


Good morning, faithful few! This morning was bath morning, so Noah now smells so fresh and clean. Mommy's contemplating how badly she needs to bathe. Not that badly, I think... no, wait, we did go for a family walk yesterday and, even though it was by no means a speedy power-walk, this incessant Texas heat and humidity had me sweating profusely within the first 16 steps I took. Yeah, I think I will take a stinkin' shower. Which means that there will be no nap for mommy this morning, because even though Noah is sound asleep right now, no matter how quickly I might boogie through a shower, Noah is always awake and ready to be loved on before I get through.
Boy I love that kid.
Ah ha! exciting news, friends!
Firstly, for my father's birthday, my mother spent an indecent amount of money on a box suite at a Rangers' game with enough tickets for 10! YEAH BASEBALL!!
Secondly, Sias and Marlene have decided that they really really want to revisit the beach within the year, probably in September or October. Sure, it might just be good 'ole Galveston, but at least we don't have to worry about oil. Plus, it will be Noah's first vacation to the beach outside of my tummy. Heck, it'll be his first vacay ever!
I believe that's the most exciting news for now. I should really jump in that there shower.
I love a clean house!
yay, God!

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