Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Noah has invented a new game. It's called "pull out the pasi". The goal of the game is to wait until mommy has left the room after she has put in the pasi, then pull out the pasi with his surprisingly strong little fingers so that mommy has to come back and put the pasi back in. weeeee!
Excuse me, I have to go give Noah his pasi.

Okay, so that time there was a wet diaper. Yet even now, in a fresh, clean diaper and with his blankie and mobile running, he fights sleep. My baby has heavy, red-rimmed, watery eyes that are pleading for sleep, yet he fights it tooth and nail. GRGRGRGRGRRRR!
Mommy feels cranky.
I think it's time for a hefty nap. However, that will not happen unless daddy comes home soon so as to keep up "pull out the pasi" with Noah. OH PRAISE GOD HE'S HOME!! Later, gators! I'm gonna take me a nap.

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