Friday, August 20, 2010

hairloss is not cool

My boogie-boy confuses me.
I realize that it has everything to do with being a first-time mother, so I can't blame myself or him, but it's still a smidge frustrating. Oh, he's a perfect little baby, (not really, but I'm biased) but I wish I could know exactly what was going on in his little head sometimes!
The root of this mini-rant is the fact that Noah has flip-flopped from wanting to drop his morning nap to wanting to drop his afternoon nap, and then he wanted to stay awake all day like a crazy baby, and NOW he's sleeping peacefully in a wonderfully normal morning nap. ???? I'm pretty sure Noah's ready to stop taking as many naps as he used to, since he's been sleeping soundly through the nights for quite some time now. The issue we're struggling with is, which nap?
It's a good thing he's so cute and I love him so much and stuff.

Today, today, what a beautiful day! Today, mom has asked me if there's a chance I can reception for a couple o' hours at the shop, so Noah and I are going to earn a little money today. We'll see how this goes before agreeing to any more work. Then later tonight is a gathering of friends and companions at mi padres' casa. So, in summary, today has potential to be a top-notch-type day. Now if only my hair would stop falling out...

Kevin Skinner; I have notified you before on you lack of blog-updating. If you don't do SOMETHING with your poor, neglected blog soon, I'll... well,... I'll boycott your blog!! You have been warned. (P.S., I am VERY VERY VERY VERY excited to see you guys in two weekends!!! Even if it's only at and maybe for a little bit after church!)

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