Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coos and gurgles

I do love listening to my son "talk". He's quite the opinionated little guy.
Last night I fell asleep somewhere around 10:00. Noah was feed and in bed by 9:50. I woke up at the usual time of 7:00 to start my day. It could have been the perfect night, except that Noah woke up to talk at least four times last night. He would settle down after I stumbled into his room to give him his pasi, so he wasn't starving or in pain. I did change his diaper towards morning-time in hopes of encouraging less wake-time, more sleepy-time. Oh well. It could be worse, and I'm used to being tired. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to attempt a nap as soon as Noah goes down for his.
Life is good. My home church has finally found our new pastor. He is blessed with a pastoral stage presence that is hard to not pay attention to. My health is intact, my husband loves me and our son, and our son is a ham who has become an attention monger. He is SO CUTE!
So, my friends, I could complain about the baby weight that I need to lose, or how dirty I feel 'cause I haven't showered since Sunday, or even about that stupid mosquito that got into our house. But no! Instead, I am going to praise God for this day and for this life. Then I'm going to ask Him to guide me and edify me so that my life this day might give Him glory. Oh, hey Charlie. Sure, you may sit in my lap as I try to finish my blog.

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