Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sisters. sisters. There were never such devoted sisters

I have recently given up two things in my life that I very much enjoyed, but that were more detrimental to my lifestyle than complimentary. Last week, animal control took away my hormonal, crazy cat. This week, today, in fact, I have deleted my facebook account. Not just deactivated, my friends, deleted. I did so because I was spending far too much time on the computer snooping through people's lives, most of whom I couldn't care less about in real life. I was not neglecting my baby or household duties, but I was neglecting something even more important. I was spending far more time focusing on strangers and hot gossip than on God. That's never good. Therefore, facebook is out (as tough as it might and will probably be), and I will, instead, spend all the time I would have given to facebook to learn more about my Creator and savior. Here we go... (I did take two hours this morning to go through my pictures and save all the good ones to my computer. they shall soon be sent off to walgreens to be printed and filed away into an actual photo album.)
My sister is here. She's trying her hardest to make Noah smile. He's saying "eh". Oh, now he's smiling. She thinks he has my eyes. Everything else is definitely Stephan, but those eyes are his mothers. yay!!
I love my sister. I'm so stinkin' proud of that woman! I'm praying for her future husband to get here soon and to be a top notch guy, 'cause I think my sister deserves the best. She's moving off to Fort Worth to find her fortune. Bummer.
I have lost my muse, so I'll sign off with a "hopefully I'll see you very very soon, Aubrey, Kevin and baby Lydia!!!!"

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