Friday, August 27, 2010

this title totally pertains to this post.

It's just about 10:00 at night. Everybody Loves Raymond is on the T.V. I really don't like that show.

We went to visit the Du Toits this wonderful Friday evening. Sias made his infamous ribs. (DE-licious!) Marlene and Sias both loved on their grandson, and Noah unloaded his tiny large intestine on Sias' lap. Don't worry, though, none of it got on Oupa. It just crawled up the back of Noah's onsie.
This morning, it was a beautiful 60 degrees outside, so I invited Mrs. Sheryl and Lucy to go for an awesome power-walk through the park. We walked for an hour. Noah slept for more than half of that time. Needless to say, this Friday was a good day.
Now, I am sleepy. Good night, precious friends! God bless you as you sleep.

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