Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big day!

Yes, indeed, it was a big day. So big, in fact, that pictures were needed to aid in the description of such a big day. Long story short: Noah went swimming!

No, Noah is not naked in these pictures. He's wearin' his little swim suit. It was still a tiny bit big on him, but he worked it anyways. The story of our day goes as thus: This morning, after a routine start to the day, Ms. Angie came over with our favorite guy-friend Grayson. (He's the favorite, as well as the only friend that's a boy.) ((so far.)) We were hoping to go to the zoo, but that was decided against since it was hot, as usual. So, instead, we opted to stay at the house and play and chat, which was still fun. Once Angie and Grayson left, I called Stephan to see where he was at. He was helping dad out at their place. It was his idea to try out the pool at the Reserves. So, super excited, I packed up Noah's swim gear and headed out there. Upon arrival at the pool, Noah was, at first, wary and unsure. He gave a cry of alarm when his little hiney touched the cool water, but then quieted down to observe this strange thing called "pool".

Needless to say, Noah was born to float.

Macho man Noah floated in his happy starfish for most of our time there. Bebe and Papa were there, too, so we had plenty of eyes watching him in case things went south. Things never went south. Noah floated contently until daddy wanted to get him out and swish him through the water like a fish in a water-logged diaper.

My men. So handsome!

Our time at the pool lasted about an hour before Noah did fuss a little about the whole squishy diaper-thing. He rode back to mom and dad's house commando, a ballsy move by Stephan. After that excitement, you'd think that Noah would crash hard. He did, but on ly for half an hour. After eating a nummy meal, we went for a brisk walk, then watch a small portion of a sad Cowboys game. (Thank goodness it's pre-season...) Then we went home.
So, After a long day of vigorous activity, I got Noah changed in to his jammies, fed 'til he was full, and then tuck contently into bed, where he now sleeps peacefully.

Don't cha wish your baby was cute like me? (UH) Don't cha wish your baby was so sweet like me? (so sweet) Don't cha?

Now, friends, my eyeballs are burning and my hair smells like chlorine. Tomorrow is an even BIGGER day, so look forward to a post about THAT! Until then, goodnight, and God bless us, everyone!

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  1. Wow, I am so jealous. That looks like so much fun! I like his cool little sunglasses. Y'all definitely had a fun packed weekend, including the Rangers game. Those are some cute pics.