Saturday, July 7, 2012

Words escape me

Ironic, huh? In formulating a title of a blog that I fill with words, words truly escaped me and I couldn't think of what to type. I couldn't think up a clever title for this post because this post is going to be sizable and cover several topics of varying importance. And though this post will cover aspects of recent living that are joyous and beautiful, I wish to start us off on a serious note: the tongue is a bat rastard.
  Forgive my near-expletive, but I feel very strongly about this sad truth. All my life, I have had the keen and unhappy ability to wait for the most random moment and then shove my foot so thoroughly in my mouth that I'm gnawing on my knee. In fact, most of my most embarrassing memories involve my tongue and my loose hold on it. In most occurrences I truly mean no harm, but words I hardly gave myself the chance to formulate, much less think over to approve if they would be edifying, appertain to the situation, or even be intelligent, come flying out of my mouth with unstoppable gusto. Sometimes I don't even notice the harm done until it's pointed out to me later on. Often I can feel the heat of my own embarrassment as soon as the words leave my stupid tongue. I say all this in part to show you, dear readers, that no, I am by far not the perfect woman, wife and mother that this blog sometimes makes me out to be (Shame on you, blog), but also as a mean to confront myself in confessing a sins I wrestle with daily in an effort to make it stop. Therefore, I read from James 3 and I ask God to keep one hand on my shoulder for guidance and the other over my mouth. Life would sure be a whole lot better if I only said what He wanted me to say.
     Now for happier, less soul-searching tiding.

We are trying to sell our house. I have no decorative skill whatsoever. Our master bedroom was a tepid, boring cave of laziness. Combine those three elements, and you have got yourselves a pickle. Then, I happen to ask my genius, clever, gifted, creative, beautiful and good smelling friend Meredith if she would like to stage my sad bedroom for us while we tried to sell our house. Bless that woman for ever and a day, she said yes! I give you, kind readers, the before:
It's really easy to fall asleep when there's absolutely nothing to stimulate the mind going on.
 And then, after hours of working and digging around my house and using her own things, and even straightening up my linen closet, this is the result of Meredith and her mother's efforts:

       Last night was like sleeping in someone else's house. Or like sleeping in one of those pictures on pinterest. People like Meredith and several other friends I have amaze and shame me. Their gift for creating beauty from simple things like towels, random throw pillows, and our nasty, old, stained comforter is clearly God-given. I do envy them sometimes. (It's okay. God game me incredible wit and cute, tiny pinky toe-nails.)
   I don't think Meredith realized how very very very much I appreciate every thing that she and her mother did for us in making our bedroom pretty. And she asked no payment in return, stating that it was a joy in itself to decorate. I didn't believe her, so we paid them in pizza and a filing cabinet that we weren't gonna use.
Thank you, wonderful ladies. Thank you!
  And to end, my sisters are in town!
Cute, cute, cute, Cute!
 Noah and Witten got stuffed animals from the mother land. Noah's is an elephant. Witten's is a little giraffe that instantly became his new teething toy. Mommy got a skirt and a few necklaces. Daddy got a bottle opener. (Shows you what a certain Melissa thinks about a certain my husband, eh?) Today, Courtney's going to do family stuff with her actual family, but Melly-bonks and I will be chillin' like villains! Yay!
  Tonight is a very special birthday party for two very special girls. Happy birthday, Lydia and Madi! May your two's be not so terrible!
  Go, special readers, live your dreams!

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  1. WOW!! Meredith and her mom have an awesome talent. Jealous!