Friday, July 20, 2012


I had to write this down before Witten suddenly became a 2 year-old and I completely forgot this ever happened.
 When Witten was tiny and new and I would pick him up from wherever he was resting, I would take hold of him with both my hands wrapped around his tiny ribs while supporting his wobbly little head with my pointer fingers as I lifted him. Usually, as I did this, Witten would grab the tips of my thumbs with both of his little hands. He was holding on to me as I held on to him. He's to big to do that now, but sometimes I press the pad of my thumb into the palm of his soft little hand just so I can remember, in some small way, what it felt like when he was so little and new to me.
First day home
6 Months old
  My oh my, how fast time flies.
Too quick, I can hardly see.
I'll hold you tight, my precious boy
You grow way to fast for me.

My oh my, how quick you grow.
You're changing every day.
That tiny babe I held before;
I blinked. He flew away.

Stop! Slow down, oh ceaseless time!
Let me treasure them while I can!
Before I know, my baby boy
Will suddenly become a man.

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  1. really?! post a super cute story with an adorable poem at the end.. crap, there goes those hormones. ya... I'm crying too!