Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Running of the Nudes

Noah is naked. Unless there are guests in this house or we have to leave, he will remain naked. Why? Because he gets two m'n'ms when he tee-tees on the potty. We are attempting the naked approach to potty training and thus far it has yielded us positive results. Yes there's been an accident or two, but I defy any parent to train your child to go on the potty without experiencing a couple of puddles along the way. 
  I have an agenda for nap time today.
  1.) update blog
  2.) work out completely separate selection of muscles than what I worked out yesterday. (Those are broken now.)
  3.) shower. (Have not showered in three days. Don't sniff me.)
  4.) if there is any time left, I might lay down for a bit. (lie down? lay down? Why does that look so weird all of a sudden?)

Friends, my husband is one weekend away from opening his hot dog restaurant. Excitement, nerves, mild panic and nausea is mounting as his opening day closes in on us, and that's just how I'm feeling. I will be posting pictures soon of the impressive transformation that took place in that building. In short: Stephan took a rotting, dilapidated, pest-infested old building and made it in to an adorable, bright, cozy, happy, super-cool diner. Also, I will post picture from his opening day. I can't wait!

Now, I must go. I have an itinerary to attend.


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