Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Send in the clowns!

I wish I could dance. Not "dance" like hit up the club and shake my money-maker dance, but dance as in ballet dance. I thoroughly regret letting an itchy tu-tu discourage me from continuing my childhood ballet lessons. Imagine how graceful and elegant I would be now if I had stuck to it!

*click here to see an example of what I could have done if I stuck with ballet!*

Anyways, I wanted to take adorable pictures of Witten smiling like a maniac and post them here, but my camera's battery decided to die. I did manage to get one cute picture with my phone, but I've explained phone pictures in relation to my blog before, so if I do post that picture, it might not be soon.  I will say, however, that Witten has been revealing more and more of his personality to mommy and daddy lately. If he's hungry and I make him wait, even if it's to very quickly fill my own empty tummy, he get's angry. If you wake him up from a good sleep before he's ready to be awake, he gets angry! If you turn him to face you right after he's eaten a full meal, he'll dazzle you with a big 'ole smile and a few gurgly-laughs and leave you smitten!
   Now to steal a page from the book of Ting-a-ling Johnson...
Witten Allen, at three months you are:
  -an adorable, albeit lazy little thing. You will lay completely still for the duration of tummy time unless I'm there to goad you into doing anything.
  -finally fattening up a bit. Just like your brother before you, you are taking your time putting on the pounds. Which means that if you continue following in your brother's footsteps, I'm going to have two blonde hulks on my hands pretty soon.
  - smiling happily whenever someone smiles at you. You also smile and laugh at that lion mirror on the play gym that Noah loved so much.
  -overall, you are a wonderful and happy baby and I love you so stinkin' much!

Noah's napping with Big Sheep. That stuffed sheep is twice the size of Noah. It's a pretty humorous sight to see.

This week, I deep clean! Have at you, dust bunnies and sticky spots!!

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