Friday, April 20, 2012


I have been upgraded to the new blogger interface, and I'm not sure how I like it just yet.

Noah has just woken up early from a nap I was hoping would stretch out a bit longer. Not that I have a lot to do, but more along the lines of I have done a lot yesterday and this morning and I was anticipating a half hour of quite mommy-time. I don't mind, though. Even though he woke up cranky, he's now happily munching on teddy grahams and watching Madagascar, giving me the opportunity to update my blog.
 First, since I found my camera, here are my promised pictures:
 Stephan's grandparent's are visiting from South Africa. They'll be here for 6 weeks. We didn't get to visit them as soon as they got here, as it was a 13-hour flight from Holland to America (and that was just the second leg of their trip), and we thought they should get some rest. Instead, we e-mailed them a picture of the great-grandsons they had yet to meet.
  Below are two pictures of my kitchen. The first is post-pipe-correction/pre-cement replacement. The second is Noah helping his daddy fix those darn leaky pipes. (Notice, please, that he's holding a section of pvc pipe for daddy).

   Thankfully, not only did Stephan fix the leak under the house, he also stopped the stench that's been plaguing my kitchen.
 Noah and Daddy discovered a new trick: the one-armed toddler-lift.
 And our last picture is from playgroup today. It was a smaller group; only Sheryl, Emily, and our new friend Jackie came. Of course they brought their little ones. As a bonus, Emily brought Noah and Lucy's friend, Bennet. Bennet is a friend from their church class. He usually doesn't get to come because he has two older brothers in class at home. We are hoping he gets to join us more often. Also, isn't Lucy a ham? Lucy was the only girl there today. It was Lucy and the dudes.
    Tonight, we celebrate Crisi and Caleb David with a mothers'-night-out baby shower. I am co-hostessing this event, which is largely to blame for my busy state of being these past few days. I was in charge of the cake and cupcakes. Of course, I hit up pinterest to find some cake ideas. As usual, everything on pinterest is "super easy" and "fun to do." I'm not sure who posts most of this stuff to pinterest, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's either Martha Stewart using various accounts, or a lot of mean women trying to make normal mothers and wives feel inferior. Either way, the "easy, fun, simple" cake decorating technique I found ended up not working, so I ad-libbed. Here is the result:
  Even if it's not the most glorious cake ever decorated, it's sure to taste delicious.
Now that the cake and cupcakes are ready, all I have to do is show up and partake in true fun and loving fellowship, all without our children. *Ladies' night out, ya'll!* 

   Be blessed, readers!

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