Monday, April 23, 2012


My family, both immediate and extended, went to a fun, beautiful, and God-honoring wedding this past Saturday. My cousin Kayla married the man God made just for her in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Afterwards, there was good food, plenty of pictures, and lots of dancing. I haven't danced so freely since the last wedding reception we actually got to stick around for back before Stephan and I became parents. Being the horrible photographer that I am, I didn't get any pictures of the actual ceremony, but I have a few from teh reception, so those are the ones I shall show.
 Above you get to see the ridiculously adorable newly weds. Kayla looked absolutely beautiful and Brian was all glowin' and stuff the whole time. I don't think either of them stopped smiling once.
 Kayla and I are only 6 months apart. You will not meet a more optimistic person if you looked for years.
 This would have been a cute photo of three super cool guys at my table, but Justin had to go and make that face. Way to go, bro. I still love you, though.
 Witten and Noah were both passed around like a cheese tray. Witten did really good for being so tiny at such a big event. He was very over-stimulated on the ride home, though.
 Above is a good picture of my beautiful sister and I. My money is on her wedding being the next one we celebrate. Fellas, she's a catch and a half. A guy would be bonkers for not snatching her up and soon!
 And here you see my siblings and me.
 They told us Grandma probably wouldn't make it to Thanksgiving last year. Then, she would be lucky to see Christmas. Witten's birth was only a hopeful wish for her and Kayla's wedding was so improbable nobody dared to hope she would be there. I watched my grandma dance the twist with her family last Saturday. God has different plans than the experts of this world. Nothing's impossible with God.  
 This crazy guy and I danced our own special dance almost five years ago. It was the only time during my own wedding that I teared up a bit. Then Brian had to go and dance with his mother to the same song that my dad and I danced to all those years ago. Yeah, I cried again.
 Aren't they cute! So young, so in love. I remember that breath-taking, earth-stopping, emotional type of love. When all you can think about is your new husband and how in love you are. Absolutely nothing else can distract you from each other. It was a sweet time. That love, my dear readers, grows and graduates into a deeper love, tried by trials and strengthened with time. And I hear that the best is still to come! 
 I cried. My sister cried. My aunts cried. We all cried. Uncle Don did very well at keeping it together.
  Lastly, a picture of my sweet little family. Noah and Witten were too cute to bear and Stephan looked handsome as ever.
  I pray that Kayla and Brian are blessed, blessed, blessed as they start out their new life as man and wife. There are only a few times in life as sweet as the time your experiencing right now. May God bless you richly!

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  1. love love Kayla and was so excited to see her find a great guy! Thanks for the photos~ I knew it would be a beautiful event!