Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Made free!

Witten is trying to roll from his back to his tummy. Doesn't quite have it figured out yet. But I'm so impressed that he's trying!
   Today was a good day, and it's not over yet. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was good. I love good days like this. Thank You, God, for good days. Now if only we can get some plans for dinner set in stone.
   Dang, I had something else to blog about, but now I can't think about what it was. I'll remember it in two hours and then never get back on here to post about it. Sorry that you'll never know what I was thinking, readers.
  I was going to tell all of you about how stupid and evil mosquitoes are! Those tiny pest have plagued me for all the years of my life. They flock to me like seagulls to any food source available. However, even with their overwhelming numbers, those stinkin' bugs only render minimal damage to me. (Small, itchy spots of annoyance). However, my poor, sweet Noah is not so lucky as I. Just like his mother, Noah attracts 'skeeters like the coffee you leave unattended for two seconds attracts those stupid fruit flies that we can't get out of our house. (One flew into Stephan's ear and stayed in there most of the day, buzzing and crawling around just out of reach of anything Stephan could jab into his ear!) Unlike his mommy, though, Noah's bite-wounds are monstrous! He has two on his fore arm right now and one on his ankle and it looks a lot like we've been pelting him with paintballs. They're sadly large and red and hot to the touch. Noah had one on his neck here recently that he itched until he bled. If I was there at the garden of Eden when man fell and God gave me the chance to choose my form of punishment from either painful child birthing or mosquitoes, I would have pick the pain of labor and delivery over the scourge of mo-skee-toes all day long.

   Anyways, I'm hoping to take Noah and maybe a few of his friends to adventure around the farm soon. Noah stinking loves the farm and I love how Ouma and Oupa beam with pride as Noah herds the goat flock and gathers chicken eggs. I'm sure they would appreciate it more if Noah didn't throw the gathered chicken egg at the goat herd...
   Be blessed, readers! And watch out for those blasted, vile, wicked, loathsome mosquitoes!    

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