Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh my Gosh, no WAY

I was reading through my own blog, (yes, I'm kinda conceited in that way, sorry) and I happen to glance at the birthday tickers I keep updated to the right of the screen. I saw Widdle Witten's and said, "awe". Then I saw Noah's and literally gasped out loud. My first born, my tiny, premature baby that was too small to fit into newborn clothes when he was born, is less than a month away from turning 2!  
It's almost been two whole years since I gave birth to the first of our two (and probably more to come) mini-Stephans. As I type, my boogie boy is devouring a helpless grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. He is too smart. He tells me what color most everything is.  He counts to ten most days. He'll repeat anything he hears from us or the television, which is most frightening and causes Stephan and I to really watch our words to each other and everything else. He likes to dance and sing and help daddy work on projects. He gives the tightest hugs. He's an amazing little person and he's my son! I can't thank God enough for that little trouble maker/cuddle buddy.

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