Thursday, October 27, 2011

We are weak, but He is Strong

 God makes no mistakes. His will is perfect. He has plans for all of us and everything, plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Plans to give us a hope and a future.
   Knowing that truth, and many others like it found in the Bible, is what is grounding my soul right now. If it were not for my hope in Jesus Christ, and the knowledge that He is sovereign and sufficient, I would be in a constant state of despair. More so now that ever before, I believe.
   My sister-in-law, the wife of Stephan's oldest brother, is happily expecting their third child. Now, it looks like this new life is in very real danger of ending before it can truly begin. As an aunt to her other children and an expecting mother, my heart is breaking for her. She is such a good mother to Noah's only two cousins, and she always has spoken of having as many children as God would bless her with. I was excited that Witten, like Noah, would have a cousin very close to his own age to grow up with.
    You hear about miscarriages and lost pregnancies all the time in the news or from a friend's friend, but when it's your own family that is facing such a devastating loss, and are near powerless to stop it, it's amazing how truly tragic it is.
   Friends, God is all-powerful and can make the impossible become reality. Please, if you're reading this, pray for my sister, Erin, and her husband, Paul. I'm not even sure what to ask for you to pray for besides a miracle. And also for peace, comfort, and that astounding calm in the midst of a terrifying storm that only Jesus can provide.
    God, please save that baby. Thank You for every new life You give to us. Let us never ever take simple things like health for granted. Comfort my loved one's hurting hearts. Somehow, in all of this, I pray that You are glorified, for You alone deserve all glory. Amen.

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