Thursday, October 20, 2011

tired of it!

    Friends, I thought a reasonable thought this morning. Starting at about 6:20-ish, Noah woke up to fuss a bit. Now, usually, Stephan or myself will get up when Noah wakes up before he's supposed to and go hunt down Noah's pasi (wherever he tossed it during the night) and give it to him. He'll then lie back down and, for the most part, go back to sleep. Or at least be quiet for a while. Every once in a while, Stephan and I will stay put to see if Noah can get himself back to sleep. Sometimes, he does. Sometimes, he doesn't.
      The point of the above introduction paragraph was to illustrate why I decided to act upon the thought I thought this morning at around 6:20. I, Colette M Du Toit, shall henceforth wean my child of pacifiers. Now, Noah is no where near as hooked on pasi's as I have seen other babies/children be. He only takes his when he's in bed and he knows to hand it to Mommy or Daddy when he gets out of bed. Also, several times has Noah fallen asleep without the use of a pasi. Therefore, I deduce that weaning Noah will (hopefully) not be too difficult a task to undertake. My only concern is his inability to go back to sleep without one. His pasi is the only thing that will soothe him back to sleep should he wake up mid-nap or during the night. I can foresee several days and nights of Noah reliving the old, cry-himself-to-sleep scenario.
     Similar to my other recent pledge to enforce the eating of what Mommy makes for dinner as opposed to whatever Noah feels like snacking on, I realize that this new development will cause stress and feelings of annoyance towards this boy I love so much. With prayer for patience and wisdom, I will remember that being the "strict mommy" in some issues is for his greater good and will profit the whole family in the long haul.
     Now, friends, Noah is super stinky and I must mentally prepare myself for our first attempt at a pasi-free nap. Prayers would indeed be appreciated.

      God bless you and your households! 

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