Monday, October 17, 2011

Apples are so difficult for me to eat

Noah's napping peacefully, my beef roast is simmering in its delicious smelling juices in the crock pot for our French dip sandwiches tonight, and I've already swept and vacuumed, so I think I should update my blog.
  Our weekend started off with a bang, and then coasted by kindly. On Friday morning, Noah and I met up with Lydia and Wyatt and their mommies for a rockin' trip to the zoo!
 As you can see, Noah started off super excited and, by all appearances, eager to see the animals.
 However, he spent the majority of the trip mildly interested in the animals in the cages. His biggest response to an exhibit was saying "bear" when we got to the black bears. 
 I love Wyatt's face in the above picture. He's clearly thinking, "Are you seeing this??"
 Yeah, this picture just about sums up each babies' response to the animals at the zoo. Noah looks bored, Wyatt can scarcely control his excitement, and Lydia waffled between wonder and apathy.
 One highlight of the zoo for me, personally, was this little guy. This box turtle was wedged hiney-up between that rock/log thing and the glass wall of his terrarium. His little hind legs flailed helplessly as Meredith and I watched in dismay, for he looked stuck good. Our response was, of course, to take pictures. Gladly, before I ran off to find a zookeeper to save the little trooper, he found some footing with his front legs and started to slowly correct himself. It was a traumatic experience for all.
     As I said, Noah was only kind of intrigued by the zoo. That is, however, until we got to the petting zoo. I don't know if it was the freedom he had once he was let out of his stroller, the chance to run around and squeal excitedly with his buds, or the actual presence of goats to pet that made him so happy, but that kid went nuts! He hugged, climbed on, and petted the fat little goats to his heart's content. Then, he ran wildly around the sandy pen as goats watched idly by. Then, he slipped and fell face-first into a large puddle of what I really hope was just mud and covered himself nose-to-toes with yuck! As a result, Noah drove home in the following sate of undress:
  It was a fun morning. As you can tell, it was tiring for the little guy. He very soon lost a sock and fell fast asleep.

   As for the rest of the weekend; Rangers won and Cowboys lost, I took an epic nap, and Stephan continued to be an amazing and handsome husband. Praise God for weekends!
   Wow, that roast is smelling amazing!

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