Monday, October 24, 2011

My, my, Mondays.

I love colder weather! that means we get to bundle. Noah looks super cute bundled!
   Mondays are generally busier than most days for me. Since Aubrey "Legs of Steel" Skinner has returned from her exile in Missouri, we have taken up our super healthy lifestyle of vigorous morning walks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Therefore, my Mondays start with a walk. Then, as I have recently taken to shopping for a weekly meal plan as opposed to whenever I think our food rations are too low, I now do my grocery shopping on Mondays. So, walking then shopping. After that time, it's usually Noah's lunch and nap time, and then in the evenings is BSF. It's a full day, indeed, but one I find myself enjoying a lot.
Noah clambered into my sewing seat and tried to run his cup through the machine. It didn't work.
     Today, Roxy, the dog that Stephan surprised me with over two years ago as a sweet puppy, is going to a new home. I'm not sad. I know this is the responsible thing that must be done. The priorities in our household are, and always will be, God, family, then pets and possessions. Roxy's a good girl and a fine alarm system, but she was threatening to cost us a good deal of money in regards to citation fees. (Dogs bark. Who knew?) Thusly, she must depart. I only feel bad for Stephan. The man has a heart of gold and loves animals.
It's not the most usual was for bro's to watch a game, but it makes for a funny picture.
   Speaking of cutie patooties, Mr. Witten Allen has come of size where I can almost detect body parts as they scrape against the inside of my belly. I sometimes feel a hard little bump protruding from my tummy that I assume is either his head or bo-bo, so I rub it and talk to Witten like he's already here. What's super sweet and mildly sad is that I can remember very clearly doing the same thing when it was Noah in my belly. I pledge to you, readers and friends, and to my precious unborn baby, that I will try my absolute hardest to treasure every moment of Witten's tiny infancy. I thought I had done a good job of doing so with Noah, but suddenly, he's a toddler and I don't know where my baby went!
   Okay, changing keys before I start to cry.
I have to go shower. Congratulations to the Hydes and welcome to the world, Ella! Emily, you're next!

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