Friday, October 7, 2011

Adventrues in Learning!

Noah discovered today that climbing onto couches and chairs is fun! Surprisingly, he has never been one to climb onto stuff, which has probably kept him from hurting himself as much as he could have been for the past few months. So today, when Boogie Boy figured out how to haul himself onto the ottoman, and from there, the couch and/or chair, he thought it was awesome!
Check out that mouth full of chompers!
 Noah is also working on saying "help, please" instead of whining when he needs mommy or daddy's assistance. Heck, I'd be okay with "help". Anything but the "uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!" that he's using now. So far today, I've heard something close to "help" once and a lot of drawn out "pweeeeze"s. 
 The above picture is from the other day when daddy got home from work and really had to focus on typing up official papers for work. Of course, it's then that Noah wanted his father's attention the most. So, he crawled onto daddy's back and proceeded to alternate between "ride little pony" and grabbing Stephan's hair to nuzzle his head. Stephan loved it, even if he didn't get his work done as quickly.
   And finally, friends, Witten news. I had my 25 week appointment today. Everything checked out nice and normal and Witten has a steady, confident heartbeat. Next time around, I get to drink that nasty syrup-juice and have more blood drawn. (yay). I will say that the bad will be far outweighed by the good, as I'm also getting another sonogram on that visit to see my baby! (Actually, the doctor wants to check and make sure that pesky placenta previa has scooted over a bit. I'm praying that it has. But I still get to see my baby!)
    Tomorrow, I gets to dress up fancy and go to a wedding! I love weddings! Congrats to the bride and groom! This is going to be one of your most favorite days in your lives!

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